An Ode to Ellen

Time for some good old fashioned horn tooting! After nearly ten years of service as the Reference Services Coordinator and Librarian for Sociology and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, our dear and beloved Ellen will be departing the Milton S. Eisenhower Library at the end of the month. She was offered a terrific opportunity to become the Director of Research and Access and Chief Librarian at the Chicago History Museum. Her commitment to quality service and her expertise in social media, evident in every blog post, were two things that made her such an attractive candidate.

Ellen’s family is very excited to welcome her back to sweet home Chicago, in particular a young niece and nephew who dearly miss their “tyotya Ellen.” On a personal note, Ellen has been a tremendous supervisor and a fiercely loyal friend. I’ll miss her quick wit, total and complete competence and thoughtful nature—but hey, at least I get a new vacation spot out of the deal! We will both continue blogging every Wednesday, and thanks to Ellen’s new role, we’ll soon be able to offer a more diversified perspective on library services. In the meantime, join me in offering warm and well-deserved congratulations to Ellen. Hats off to you!

2 thoughts on “An Ode to Ellen

  1. Adriane, this is so well written and heartfelt. Although we didn’t often work closely, we we did it was always a pleasant experience. She will truly be missed here at the MSEL!

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